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At the Abundant Energy Wellness Center, we utilize a wide range of innovative therapies and state of the art technology to restore the whole person to a place of balance.  


Together, we will develop a unique & holistic plan that aligns with your ultimate goal. Whether you are in athletic training or struggling with health issues.  We are here to support you & encourage you.  


What to expect coming to visit us:

  • Integrative strategies that meet unique needs & develop greater restoration.


  • A fresh approach to emotional balancing, discomfort issues & stress management.


  • Community building & opportunities to connect with others with similar life goals.


  • Massage services on-site to meet your needs & help you relax.


  • State of the art technology, innovative therapies, and caring practitioners offer hope and inspiration.


We are overjoyed that we get to serve this community & help change lives. 


Abundant Energy Wellness is located on the lovely Echo Mountain Inn.  Becky & her family moved here from MN.  If you'd like to book lodging at the Inn while you are receiving services please let the front desk know when you make your reservation and we will make sure you get a discount on your room. 

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You can find more info @ Echo Mountain Inn website.  & be sure to check out the "about us" page we we have a short video telling how God led us to purchase the Inn and move our family here. 

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