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Exposure Protection Pak

  • Immune support specifically for current pandemic
  • Immune system boost
  • Helps nutritionally support recovery from virus attacks
  • Contains blend of vitamin d, probiotics, zinc, nitrates, natural antimicrobials, and more


Pandemic Immune Support

This pak contains the specific vitamins and minerals proven to nutritionally support your body during the current pandemic.

Pure Potency

It delivers a pure, potent, predigested surge that almost immediately boosts the immune system.

Protect Against Viral Attack

Each packet contains five products with the nutrients you need to fight and protect against virus attacks. (Whole Food Vitamin Mineral, Crea-Nitric 100, Vitamin D3, Essential Zinc, and Essential Protect).

Extra Nutrition for Recovery

Since illness makes your body work harder, it’s important to provide extra nutrition for faster recovery. This pak provides the nutrients your body needs.

Exposure Protection Pak

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