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Description of the AO Vital Scan Inner Voice Report 

only 16 scans.   This is for the monthly subscription.  Monday -Friday. 

Please get the voice scans to our office before 9am each morning so we can make sure you have them that day. 


This technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, Albert Einstein and uses a combination of technology from Russia, Germany, Spain, Asia and the USA. These scientists have identified specific frequencies in the human body and compiled a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies.  They have found that the frequencies are the measurable and have a certain frequency for optimal vitality and health.  If the AO scanner finds something out of range it will optimize that area with the correct frequency.  


The AO Vital Scan Report offers an elegant and simple way to measure the overall health of your body. It uses a sophisticated electronic device, the AO Scan Bio-Transducing Headset, to measure the oscillations and frequencies of your body.  It is the perfect tool for anyone looking to gain insights into their overall physical and mental health. For those seeking to better understand their overall health and wellness, the AO Vital Scan Report is an invaluable tool.


This scanner works similarly to other scanners in the principles of measuring electromagnetic signals and the subtle bio-frequencies. What sets this scanner apart is its brilliance in the details - it is able to measure the unique vibrational frequency of every cell and organ in the body. This allows for a more comprehensive and accurate analysis of the health status of the body.


The AO Vital Scan Report is an advanced technology that presents detailed visual reports of the health status of the organs, systems, and tissue of the body.


Many things happen when the scan is initiating:


Each report starts by sending specific frequencies for each areas to the the brain;

The brain then responds with what that area is currently resonating at;

The scanner compares the two frequencies and optimizes** to balance;

The report measures and records the difference of the frequencies;

A numerical value is then determined;

The numerical values range from 1-9, with 5 indicating that the item is in balance;

The lower numbers, 4-1 generally indicate an underactive or low energy;

The higher numbers, 6-9 generally indicate a stress or overactive energy;

These signals are then converted into algorithms within the AO Scan system,compared to an extensive database, and then are graphically displayed in color. 


When you purchase this scan you will be sent instructions how to do your scan. 


Our team will prepare the AO Scanner  & we will need a few details from you.


Email me your:
*Full name
*Current selfie with neutral background
*Email where you want report to be sent

*12 second voice message--see below note 

***your cell phone number & address are helpful but not necessary. 


Email information, audio and name/picture etc to:

Also I need is a 12 second audio file emailed. This will be used for the voice scanning.  


For Voice Scan: 

(you can download a Voice Messaging App & send me a recording to my email)


  You can say anything for 12 seconds starting with


“I AM” __________your name___, anything else like something that makes you happy and something that makes you sad. 


After the scan has been completed you will receive an email with your results. 

Please note that we do not save any information of your results.  Often people find it helpful to keep the scans to refer to them later and look for patterns and follow the frequencies that are of concern.  Remember this report is for educationally purposes only and not for diagnosing.  


Note this item does NOT include our team reading any of the results.  You will recieve your AO Vital Report. If you'd like our team to talk through your reports please make an appointment to do so.  



This item is for 16  AO Vital scans - Inner Voice.  Please make note there are other options for package deals.  


We recommend you use quality bone conducting headphones when listening to your optimizing tones.  Please listen often.  Most people perfer the "Classic" tones.  It will play the 4 tones you need for about 3 minutes each.   The headphones can be purchased in our store. 

AO Scan Technology is not a medical device, it is an educational tool. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses.

AO Vital Scan Inner Voice Monthly Subscription

  • Includes Report & 4 audio frequency harmonics specifically for you.

    The Inner-Voice technology uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency derived from the voice spectrum in humans to diminish frequencies that are in excess and supplement frequencies that we lack. Inner Voice Scan records 12 seconds of your voice.

    AO Voice Scan's Inner Voice Scan and Report is an innovative technology that analyzes distortions in the tone, pitch, and pattern of your voice across 2000 frequencies. Our sophisticated technology covers 12 notes, 9 octaves, and 72 variations of the voice. This scan produces a report which reveals how balanced or unbalanced your voice is and how these imbalances can be adjusted to help you reach a higher level of personal satisfaction. With our Inner Voice Scan and Report, you can discover the power of your own voice and how it can be transformed.

    The Inner-Voice report (sent to you via email) will display three notes or octaves that are excessively out of balance (or over compensated to hide main issue) as well as the main octave/ issue that is being suppressed. 

    The Inner-Voice reports will also generate the balancing octaves that can assist to create balance in the body. The report will include 4 audio files (MP3) that correspond to each of the balancing octaves outlined in the report. For maximum benefit, listen to these four audio files two to three times a day (preferably with headphones).

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